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Peyman Askari

PPC Candidate for West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country

Peyman Askari is a proud Canadian who believes that, at some point, every citizen must stop demanding more from their country and must instead, begin giving something back. He is a strong supporter of the sovereignty of the individual, classical liberalism, and the free market.

Peyman was born in Iran in 1983, and came to Canada when he was only six years old. He grew up in West Vancouver and then earned his bachelors in computer science from York University in 2006. Later, he obtained his PhD in computational neuroscience from Southampton University in 2010. Upon completing his schooling, he started work in the tech space, then moved on to sales, business development, and finally he decided to start his own company in 2014.

Living in Vancouver since 2015, Peyman began to notice minor changes that acted to inconvenience the average citizen, from taking away infrastructure to make way from bike lanes, to expanding the presence and duration of parking meters, to even mandating minimum storage space in all condominium renovations. However, he noticed things escalated rapidly starting in December of 2020 with the selective application of essential services destroying small businesses, the weaponization of the College of Physicians to suspend doctor's licenses, and the increase in the size of local governments. Finally, his red line moment arrived when deputy Minister Christia Freeland gave a press release, in February of 2022, announcing her government's intention to expand the scope of FINTRAC to also include crypto currencies. This single initiative made it clear to Peyman that the government would not, on its own, stop expanding into our private lives, and he knew then that he would have to, eventually, run for office and to stand up for the country that had welcomed him in thirty years earlier.

Peyman's aim in running is to show the Canadian people that our problems are not insurmountable: our housing crisis is not the result of hundreds of factors, it is because we have debased our currency; our debt crisis is not because of a complicating global banking system, it is because we switched from a sovereign state bank to commercial banking in 1974; the widespread corruption in our government is not because of some inherent flaw in the Liberal party of Canada, but because we have collapsed our three branches of government into one. Peyman chose to be the change he wanted to see in government, and so he decided to run for public office for the People's Party of Canada.

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