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Buck is a model Canadian citizen who witnessed the events of the Great Financial Crash (2008) and didn’t let the fact that he is not a credentialed elite get in the way of him learning the ins and outs of our monetary system.


Jason Dahl

Join us as we sit down and talk to Mr. Jason Dahl about the state of affairs in Canada and how we can start discussing issues, rather than vilifying one another.


Ali Nmyes

We talk with Ali Nmyes about what is going on with young Canadians, how Covid lockdowns transformed schools, and how youth support for immigration has completely evaporated in light of the housing crisis.


Giles Bourgeois

Mr. Bourgeois may be the only person who can manage to make philosophy fun again. We discuss how we can trace back hysteria over issues like climate change, the trans movement, and even the Kamloops mass grave incident right back to the flawed philosophy of Plato.


Bradley Zylstra

Bradley Zylstra is an average Canadian who decided to take a stand, so he threw his name in the race as a candidate for People’s Party of Canada.


Dale & Kaysha Richardson

We sit down with mechanical engineer Dale Richardson and his daughter Kaysha to try to weave together three seemingly independent issues: the Winnipeg Lab, the removal of Chestermere mayor Jeff Colvin, and his view that elements within Canada are acting in a treasonous manner.


Larry Worthen

We chat with the Executive Director of the Christian Medical and Dental Association of Canada , Mr. Laurence Worthen about the battle being waged by health care professionals, and the governing bodies which regulate them, called the College of Physicians.


Trevor Holsworth

Trevor Holsworth (aka Fundamental Justice) saw first hand the dishonourable conduct of the officers of the court and decided to use all legal tools at his disposal to seek justice. Check out his website, educate yourself, and get in touch with Trevor if you want to support him or get him on your show.


Jim McMurtry

Former school teacher Jim McMurtry discusses being fired after questioning the, then, widely accepted news story that mass graves had been discovered in Kamloops.


Wayne Baker

We chat with People's Party of Canada candidate for the Perth-Wellington riding about his views on law, on the constitution, and on tackling the challenges Canada is facing at the moment.


Arjun Datta

Financial agent Arjun Datta joins us to discuss the housing market as we try to reconcile his expert knowledge of all things financing, with our day to day observations of out of reach housing prices.


Donald Best

Ex Toronto Police officer and ex-pat, Donald Best explains how our police have been corrupted from the top-down, and what he's doing to fight for the heart and soul of Canada.

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