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Supernational Organizations (UN, EU, WEF)

These large organizations have done more harm than good, and we must begin to extricate ourselves from them.

Rather than examining all these supernational organizations in detail, I will share my view on them through a series of three stories. First, let's start with the UN. In the 70's, the UN began revising the Geneva Conventions and changes were made, in effect, to grant terrorists the right to hide among civilian populations. Predictably so, when war broke out in the middle east, Hamas took this as a signal from the UN that it could, and should hide among civilian populations, and Israel found itself in the impossible position of having to kill the enemy, but of not wanting to incur the wrath of the international community by targeting civilian populations. What followed was that the International Criminal Court made the claim that Israel had committed war crimes, so that it could then move to strip Israel of its right to unilaterally declare war, and thereby, to rob it of its sovereignty. I do not support any organization that attempts to strip nations of their sovereignty.

Next, we can turn our attention to the European Union. When this organization was started, it was created with the express limitation that only member states could bring charges against other member states. It is surprising then, that when a European citizen brought a charge against the nation state of Germany, the German courts, rather than throwing the case out, simply escalated it to the European court. The European court, like any court, unable to resist the temptation to grow its own powers, heard the case and ruled on the merits of the case. In doing so, they violated their previous commitments and established a precedent where citizens could, in fact, bring charges to the European court. This is judicial activism on a supernational level, and it has created a continental council that is out of control. I do not support any organizations that do not at least have some levels of democratic representation.

Finally, the story of the West, at least of Canada and of the US, is one of power drifting from the community level, to the national capital. In America, for example, credits unions are being wiped out and replaced by large, federal banks; local Sheriffs are being replaced, first with large police departments, and now with federal police forces in the form of the FBI and potentially the IRS; every institution from education, to agriculture, to housing, is all being centralized in Washington; most famously, the US Federal reserve usurped the role of Congress as the final check on the money supply by creating the largest trust in history; the power to tax the people drifted from the states, with the passing of the sixteenth amendment, to the federal government; and most relevant to the the issue at hand, the Biden administration, upon first taking office, sent the Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, to the United Nations, to speak to the possibility of introducing a global tax. I do not support and drifting of power away from the individual, and I certainly do not do so if that drift goes towards a global entity.

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