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We need to clearly define what Canada's vision is going to be for the next 100 years, we then need to ammend our immigration formula to bring in only those people that are aligned with our vision, and we need to further drastically reduce the number of new citizens we accept.

Our entire way of life is backwards. We are supposed to encourage people to build their businesses, earn a salary, or otherwise to tend to their land. Instead, we have massive, regulatory bloat which is bogging down small businesses, is robbing people of their hard earned income, and is making it impossible for farmers to grow food. The obvious solution to this is to vote the bureaucrats out of office, and get back to living our lives. Unfortunately, and in large part due to the negative efforts of the media, the bureaucrats have managed to stay in power and have suggested that the solution to our problems is, instead, immigration.

Part of this foolishness is, admittedly, due to Marxism and the pollution of people's minds into believing that migration is a human right and that multiculturalism is an inherent strength. However, a larger driver of immigration is to bring in cheap labor, and to bring in additional sources of revenue. To the government, therefore, immigrants are not people, but rather a personal cheque. The government promises them peace and prosperity in a Western nation. In return, that family pays more in legal fees, and pays into a health care and education system that is on the verge of collapse. Of course, our government, in addition to being corrupt, is also incompetent, so it turns around and gives handouts back to these new arrivals, thereby undermining their initial argument.

The solution, in my mind, is an acknowledgement of the sanctity of human life and individual sovereignty. A government's role should be to ensure that we are free in our pursuits of work and play, or, as Thomas Jefferson put it, government exists to secure our rights, and should leave men otherwise free to their pursuits of industry, and should not take from the mouth of labor, the bread which it has earned. If government did leave us alone, and we were free to make money, there would be less conflict if immigrants came and worked hard and made their own way in life. As it stands, it makes no sense to pay close to 80% of our wealth to the government, only to have them tell us they cannot do their jobs and will need to import more people into the country to help pay for the services they promised in the last election cycle.

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