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Taxes should pay for defending the nation, staffing the courts and delivering the mail. For everything else, money should be left in the citizen's pockets, where it belongs.

From 1867 until 1914, Canada's chief concern was encouraging immigration and investment, and it achieved this very successfully by raising revenue only through taxes on import duties. After two successive World Wars, experiments with socialism in the West in the sixties, and finally America's abandonment of the gold standard in 1971, the social democrats stumbled upon the tactic of securing electoral votes through the promise of ever more handouts.

In 2020, almost fifty cents out of every dollar Canadians earned went to the federal government. To make matters worse, provincial governments, which when put together have an even bigger budget than the federal government, took whatever was left. Canada has leaped past being simply a socialist nation and is now a full blown welfare state.

Today, the number one complaint I hear from constituents who are fleeing Canada is that they will never be able to afford a home. What they are really saying, is that the government takes more from them than they give back, and underneath that, what they are truly saying is that they are not happy in Canada. Canada no longer provides a high quality of living because it simply crushes citizens under an ocean of taxes and regulations. When Canadians come to the realization that Canada is not an exceptional country, and that there are other countries where they could live more comfortably, they begin their emigration proceedings.

It is not the responsibility of the federal or the provincial governments to micromanage all aspects of our health care, education, food, energy, and most alarmingly, our very children. We Canadians need to begin weening ourselves off of government and we need to take personal responsibility for the lives we lead, otherwise, the exodus of Canadians fleeing to freer jurisdictions will turn this country into a third world nation.

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